The machine rack of stainless steel profiles is covered with a plastic plate on which is mounted the headstock of the rotary table and the cylindrical pillars of the unit carrier. The stainless steel plate carrier is vertically slidable and has a hot air capping tube (marked with a 9 to 14-digit batch mark) and a scissors for cutting the end of the tube. The hot-air sealing unit has replaceable parts according to the diameter of the tube (mouth and nozzle). The rotary table rotates manually, it is automatically locked in the working positions and the control of the execution of the operation is an acoustic signal. There are four replaceable bushings according to the diameter of the tube. The electrical switchgear is located at the bottom right and the side of the cabinet serves as the control panel of the machine.

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Loading packages into the machine: - manually Closing head: - 9 to 14-digit batch symbol Moving finished products: - manually Used materials: - stainless steel AISI 304 (316L), PTFE (FPM, EPDM) - pneumatic elements SMC
Production Output 600 pcs / hr.
Electrical system 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 0,2 kW
Pneumatic elements SMC
Air pressure 5-6 bar
Air consumption up to 1.8 m3 / hr.
Machine dimensions length: 840 mm
width: 860 mm
height: 1200 mm
Machine weight 80 kg