The advantage of the device is a proven concept based on years of experience.
Machine type is carousel with 8-position rotary table. A helical-bevel gearbox with frequency drive drives a main shaft fitted with a drum cam for rotary table drive and disk cams to drive individual machine mechanisms. The machine is equipped with a sectional conveyor. The screwing unit has a 3-jaw head with its own torque monitoring. Caps are automatically conveyed and oriented either by a vibrating container or a mechanical orientation. The machine is equipped with its own diagnostics and control elements (checking the presence of the packaging at the entrance, checking the presence of the caps).

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Loading packages into the machine:
– Fully automatic from a continuous conveyor

Loading the lids into the machine:
– a slip or vibratory bar combined with a vibratory container or conveyor

Screw head:
– drive with frequency converter
– 3-jaw version
– tightening torque monitoring

Moving finished products:
– Fully automatic on continuous conveyor

Used materials:
– stainless steel AISI 304 (316L), PTFE (FPM, EPDM)
– pneumatic elements SMC

Control system and diagnostics
– Allen Bradley with own diagnosis
– tracking production history and error messages
– Color touch control screen

Production Output 3000 pcs / hour (depending on the type of packaging and lid)
Electrical system 400/230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption up to 2 kW
Pneumatic elements SMC
Air pressure 5-6 bar
Air consumption up to 1.5 m3 / hour
Machine dimensions length: 2 400 mm (without conveyor)
width: 1 400 mm
height: 1 850 mm
Machine weight 540 kg
Control system Allen Bradley