Advantage is the proven machine concept based on years of experience. The machine is based on the UNIT 125P type. The carousel type machine with an eight-position rotary table height-adjustable together with all adjustment elements of the bottom machine structure. The device is standardized with a tube orientation unit according to the printing label and tube inspection. Furthermore, it is a single-acting volumetric pump with a pneumatic drive and a cylindroconic funnel for the product. The funnel can be fitted with a cover lid with an ultrasonic level sensor. Other options include a product stirrer in the funnel or a two-way three-way slider designed to fill difficult products.

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Loading tubes into the machine:
– fully automatic from the tray

Filler needle variants:
a) pneumatically closed plug
b) with a blow of “hair”
c) with suction of drops

Hot Air Heater:
– set up with replaceable elements according to tube diameter and welding shape

Batch marking and product data:
– 9 to 14-digit code, can be also on both sides of the tube
– fitted in the jaws of the shutter head
– the jaws of the pneumatic cap and the punches with the codes are interchangeable

Tube end cutting principle:
– special scissors used
– the possibility of welding with a shaped end
– optionally, the tube hinge eye can be pierced

Moving finished products:
– fully automatic, pneumatic drive

Optional machine variants:
– for filling two components with a 50:50 dose rate

Used Materials:
– stainless steel AISI 304 (316L), PTFE (FPM, EPDM)
– SMC pneumatic elements

Control system and diagnostics
– Allen Bradley with own diagnosis
– tracking production history and error messages
– color touch control screen

Production Output 1 750 tubes / hour (depending on product type and tube)
Tube diameter range 13 - 50 mm
Tube length range 50 - 220 mm (without closure)
Filling volume I. 5-40 ml continuously setting
II. 20 - 240 ml continuously setting
Funnel volume 32 l
Electrical system 400/230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption 3 kW
Pneumatic components SMC
Air pressure 5-6 bar
Air consumption up to 12.5 m3 / hour
Machine dimensions length: 1 200 mm
width: 950 mm
height: 1 750 mm
Machine weight 220 kg
Control system Allen Bradley