LPP 8 with flowmeters

LPP 8 is a linear bulk filling device with eight magnetic-induction flowmeters, eight filling needles and serves for automatic filling of plastic or glass containers with liquid products. High accuracy of filling thanks to the use of magnetic-induction flowmeters. This prevents maintenance of the filling cylinders which are not required in this case. The number of filling points (needles) is modular (2x, 4x, 6x or 8x).

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Loading packages into the machine:
– fully automatic from a continuous conveyor

Variants of the filling needle:
a) pneumatically closed plug
b) with a blow of “hair”
c) with suction drops

Number of needle fillers:
– according to required parameters 2-8
– number dependent on required performance
– direct dependence on the diameter of the neck of the packaging

Filling principle:
– using magnetic-induction flowmeters
– easy maintenance and sanitation

Moving finished products:
– Fully automatic for continuous conveyor

Used materials:
– stainless steel AISI 304 (316L), PTFE (FPM, EPDM)
– SMC pneumatic elements

Control system and diagnostics
– Allen Bradley with own diagnosis
– tracking production history and error messages
– color touch touch control
– high comfort of operating the device

Production Output Max. 4 000 pcs / hour (depending on filled volume and neck diameter)
Filled volume variable as required
controlled by magnetic-induction flowmeters
Measurement of filled volume and content magnetic-induction flowmeter
range according to setting, output dependent on product properties,
product overpressure and dose size
reading accuracy +/- 0.2%
Air consumption max. 7 m3 / hour
Air pressure 5-6 bar
Power consumption 3,9 kW
Electrical system 400/230 V, 50 Hz
Machine weight 180 kg
Machine dimensions (without conveyor) length 1 400 mm
width 620 mm
height 1 800 mm
Pneumatic components SMC
Control system Allen Bradley